Libre DAO

Libre DAO - propose and vote
The DAO is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization which has a treasury and can allocate funds from the treasury for proposals made by token holders to improve the chain or build / integrate applications. It works on the process of 1 token (LIBRE) * staked period = voting power.
By design, the DAO does not have power to change the core constants and smart contracts of Libre. That power lies in the validator multisig which requires 2/3+1 vote of all active validators. You can view these code changes here under Libre Mainnet Code Update Proposals.

Libre DAO Operations

The general operation of the DAO is that proposals are made, voted on for a multiple day period and then either passed or rejected.
The DAO requires at least 10% of all Voting Power to be voted on a proposal - 51% of the voting power for / against will decide.
Once a proposal is passed, the validators must sign a 2/3+1 multisig to distribute funds from the DAO treasury.
The DAO is perpetually funded from the DAO Tax.