Creating a Libre MainNet Account in Anchor

Everything you need to know about the Greymass Anchor desktop wallet.

Anchor is the leading desktop wallet for all Antelope chains. It is extremely reliable and trustworthy. You can download it at Anchor can be used with LIbre in two ways:

  • By importing an existing Libre account using a 51 char alphanumeric private key (beginning with a 5)

  • By connecting to a Ledger Hardware Wallet.

We'll cover the Ledger setup here.

For now, lets focus on importing a key. For this, these are the steps: 1. Generate a private key and 12 word seed phrase from the Libre seed generator or Ian Colman Utility. - save BOTH the seed phrase and private key. 2. Insert that private key into the Libre account generator: 3. Import the private key into Anchor. 4. Add the token addresses for pBTC and pUSDT as follows:

contract: BTC.ptokens token: pBTC contract: USDT.ptokens token: pUSDT 5. At this point, you can see your balances in Anchor like this

As long as you have saved the seed phrase, you will be able to import the account in Bitcoin Libre as well.

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