Cryptographic Keys

There are many ways to generate a cryptographic key for securing your Libre account.

This is a more advanced topic on key creation and management.

LIBRE Account Namesare protected by cryptographic keys. This is typical for all blockchain accounts. Libre uses the same elliptical curve cryptoraphy as Bitcoin (secp256k1). To generate your own keys you can use any of the following tools.

The benefit of generating your own seed phrase is that you will be able to import your account into Bitcoin Libre which provides a simple to use interface.

Libre-Specific Interfaces For Key Generation

We recommend using either Bitcoin Libre or our web tool to generate seed phrase and pub/private keys:

Other Tools For Key Generation

However, Libre is compatible with any any Standard BIP 39/32/44 seed generator.

You can find many articles online about how to generate these or use one of the following tools.

The secp256k1 derivation path is 44'/194'/0'/0/0

Bitcoin Libre (also creates account for you)

Extract Key from Seed Phrase

Any of the following tools can also extract a key from any BIP39 12 word seed phrase.

Generate Key

Simple and secure ways to generate a key to use with Anchor or cleos wallets.

To create a new account using your key - go to

If you created a seed phrase, you can easily import it into Bitcoin Libre

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