December 2022

December 2022 proposal


Changes eosio permissions for the existing stake permission to add reward.libre the ability to transfer and issue LIBRE specifically for farming rewards in the LP tokens staked from swap.libre

Requested signatories

quantum, edeniaedenia, blocktime, cryptobloks, cryptolions, draperx, eosphere, eosusa, genereos, goodblock,heliosblocks, hotstart, interchainbp, libremt, librenodeone, libretech, rioblocks, sweden, teamgreymass, zenhash, zuexeuz, uberleap, echobasefour, detroit, blokcrafters, amsterdam

Relevant Code

It is already deployed and tested on Libre Testnet.

The relevant code for the reward contract can be viewed here:


  1. Add reward.libre to existing permission - link: uvv1oa

  2. limits the permissions to only eosio.token::issue and eosio.token::transfer (already set now, but likely needs to be set again after adding reward.libre) - link: lvv1oa

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