Mint Rush Details

Libre Mint Rush formulas.

The Libre Mint Rush was a distribution of LIBRE in exchange for contributions to the AMM liquidity pool of LIBRE / BTC. For graphs and logic please see Mint Rush.

Mint Rush Math

The Mint APY was calculated using the following formula:

Alpha0 and Beta0 are defined in the Libre Core Constants.

All of the values are stored on-chain as defined in the Mint Rush Table below in the open-source Libre staking contract.

Mint Rush LP Token Repayment

Mint Rush contributors received staked LIBRE and also slowly get back their share of the initial liquidity pool which includes the BTC, matching LIBRE, and any fees that have accumulated.

The rate of repayment (daily) is calculated based on the total LP tokens that of any account (that contributed to the mint rush liquidity pool) using the following formula:

Mint Rush Table

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