Creating a Libre Testnet Account in Anchor

Creating a Libre (Testnet) account using Anchor wallet.

Generate Key in Anchor

Go to Tools > Manage Keys
Click Generate Key Pairs (if you do not see Tools, try selecting another chain in Anchor)
Alternatively, you can create a key using Ledger hardware wallet if you enable Ledger support in Anchor.
Click Save Keys to Wallet - do not close the window yet. We will need this public key in the next step.

Create Account with Public Key

Copy one of the public keys you created in Anchor by selecting it and hitting CMD+C (CNTRL+C on Windows)
In a web browser, go to Faucet on Testnet
Paste in Public Key and enter an account name (must be unique).
Click “Create” and you will see a success notification on the bottom.
Back in Anchor, select the Libre (Testnet) by going to "Manage Blockchains"
if Libre is not showing under "Manage Blockchains" - then follow the instructions here to add it
Click “Home > Scan for Accounts” and you will see a list of accounts that match your key.
Choose the @active and @owner roles then click import.
Congrats! Now your account is imported in Anchor and your private key is stored in Anchor.
Next, try to get some Testnet LIBRE tokens.