Creating a Libre Testnet Account in Anchor

Creating a Libre (Testnet) account using Anchor wallet.

First you will need to download and install The Anchor Wallet (desktop edition) to work with Testnet. Bitcoin Libre and Anchor mobile do not support Testnet at this time. Still, this will not be painful, we promise.

Enable Advanced Settings in Anchor

Your anchor desktop should look like this. Click on Settings (top left)

Change this to Display Advanced Settings.

Now we see this.

Generate a Public / Private Keypair

For advanced users, you can generate keys in in Anchor, or using the Ian Colman Utility - check out the Cryptographic Keys section of these docs for more info.

In your browser, go to:

Click "Generate Key Pair":

Then check the box after reading this warning:

Copy the Public Key and Private Key from here - green and red sections below. Blue and brown sections are optional for testnet and may be confusing to save.

Create a Testnet Account

In a web browser, go to Faucet on Testnet

Paste in the Public Key you created above and enter an account name (must be unique).

Click “Create” and you will see a success notification on the bottom.

Add Your Testnet Account to Anchor

Follow the steps below - click "Setup an Account"

Choose Libre (Testnet)

Click "Import an existing Account"

Choose "Import Private Key"

Paste in the private key you got from the generator earlier - HINT: it begins with a "5".

Now click the @active permission and click the green button "Import Account"

Congrats! Now your account is imported in Anchor and your private key is stored in Anchor.

Next, try to get some Testnet LIBRE tokens.

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