Libre Glossary of Terms

Libre - comes from the Latin word līber, via the French and Spanish libre; it shares that root with liberty. It denotes "the state of being free", in the sense of "having freedom" or "liberty".

DPOS - Delegated Proof-of-Stake is the consensus algorithm that runs Libre validator nodes. LIBRE holders stake for voting power and then vote for validators. The top 21 validators by vote weight are considered "active" and the next 6 are "standby" - both active and standby validators are paid.

Pegged BTC and USDT - these assets are tokenized on Libre that are backed 1:1 by assets held in the decentralized pNetwork of bridges. This allows these assets to have new capabilities that are not possible on their native chains - such as near instant finality of transactions, send and receive with no fees, and programmability in smart contracts. You can view the daily audit of BTC at

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