Libre Level 1 - Beginner

Welcome to Libre! Ready to learn about Libre - we've got you covered.

Welcome to the Libre blockchain - an L2 / sidechain for scaling Bitcoin (and Tether).

  1. What is Libre?

Libre is Freedom. Libre is a new L2 blockchain to build the applications of the new financial system on a truly peer-to-peer system. Libre makes Bitcoin more interoperable, fast, secure, scalable, and easy-to-use. No Tolls or Fees. No gatekeepers. Libre founders were inspired by the original promise of the Bitcoin whitepaper - electronic cash that works anywhere in the world.

Libre is completely Decentralized, Fairly Launched, and the Eco-Friendliest Blockchain with the lowest energy usage per daily transaction max.

Libre was conceived and launched in El Salvador in 2021.

  1. Why is Libre unique?

Libre's solves the "Trilemma" of blockchains - it is a "Trifecta" - scalable, decentralized, and secure. It is also very easy to use due to having simple usernames instead of addresses and no transaction fees.

  1. Who is behind Libre?

Libre was designed and built by several groups working together.

  • Edenia - smart contract development team out (Costa Rica)

  • Bizan Bizz, SA - backend and frontend development team (Panama / Europe / US)

  • Various other contributors around the world.

  1. Read Libre Whitepaper.

This site serves as the official Libre Chain Whitepaper, there is information about Technical Details, Governance, Interoperability, the LIBRE coin.

  1. How to get started.

Download the Bitcoin Libre wallet. Make sure to backup your seed phrase so you don't lose any funds.

  1. How to get the LIBRE coin.

LIBRE trades on the decentralized Libre Swap - you can send in some Bitcoin (using Lightning or the pBTC Bridge) into Bitcoin Libre and go to to trade for LIBRE.

  1. How to stake LIBRE.

LIBRE staking is where you lock up your LIBRE for a time period chosen by you. This is your commitment to being a part of LIBRE for a specified time duration. The longer you stake, the higher your rewards. The earlier you begin, the higher your rewards. You can do this at

  1. Join the Libre community.

Join the many Libre communities - start with the main Discord and Telegram community groups. Start one for your language if it doesn't exist yet.

For the latest info - follow Libre on Twitter.

  1. Libre Philosophy

‘The technical aspects of the automobile seemed daunting at first compared with the horse, yet its superior reliability and speed have made the technical knowledge needed to operate a fair price to pay for most people.’

Libre has been built with the aim of seemingly riding the horse, with the function and speed built-in for maximum usability and easy adoption.

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