Libre Level 2 - Advanced

Welcome to the advanced Libre user section! Congrats on finishing level 1.

  1. How to optimize staking rewards.

Staking your LIBRE earns rewards - the rewards are higher the earlier you stake, and the longer you stake. You can get LIBRE using or in the Bitcoin Libre mobile app. Then you can stake by going to and clicking the "New Stake" button. Compare the rewards for staking to the rewards for farming liquidity rewards which require no time lockup. See also: Staking

  1. How to build or integrate Libre.

Libre is easy to integrate with a few short lines of code for authentication and payments. See the Libre Dev Tools section of this site.

  1. How to set up a Libre validator node.

Libre validators run the network, start here to learn more, please see Become a Validator.

  1. How to earn LIBRE by providing liquidity (farm).

Another way to earn LIBRE is by providing liquidity to Libre swap liquidity pools which are permissionless and decentralized Go to and click on Pool. See also Farming.

  1. How to create multiple accounts on Libre.

You can use the Anchor Wallet on Mac, Windows, or Linux to generate your own keys and create accounts on Libre. See the following section of this site for more details: Creating Multiple Accounts.

  1. Libre Referrals

Libre is the first blockchain to build on-chain referrals where each account has a parent account. The parent account will earn a bonus % of the rewards when a Libre user earns LIBRE or when they earn SATS from spinning the wheel in Bitcoin Libre. Your username is your referral code and there is a special link you can use in Bitcoin Libre to refer others to the mobile app.

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