Libre - Quick Facts and Numbers

Quick facts and numbers about the Libre blockchain.

Libre by the Numbers

470k accounts
500x Faster than Bitcoin
4000 transactions per second
0.05s Transaction Speed
0.01% Ecological Impact
$0 Transaction Costs

Libre is the Trifecta

Scalable, Decentralized, Secure

Libre Quick Facts

Libre uses Pegged Assets on the Libre chain (Bitcoin, Tether, Ordinals, BRC20)
Libre is a Sidechain (scaling layer) for the Bitcoin Blockchain and a bridge between Bitcoin and Ethereum
Libre Uses Simple-Name Addresses with Multi-Sig & Advanced Permissions
Libre's Bridging is run by pNetwork - Secure Interoperability between Chains
Libre is built on - Fast, Secure, User-Friendly Web3 Products
Libre is the first sidechain to integrate with The Bitcoin Lightning Network
Libre's consensus is Delegated Proof-of-Stake - An Evolution in Energy Efficiency
Libre is a Fair Launch chain - Free of Outside Funding or Concentration of Ownership

Libre Active Development Efforts

Bridging/Connecting Bitcoin and Ethereum in the Superfast Bitcoin Libre Wallet and Defi Dashboard
Building the First Ordinals Marketplace featuring Wrapped Ordinals (also superfast)
Join us in Libre Cafe for Basic Education. Informal, Inclusive.

Problems Libre is Solving

Scaling Bitcoin by making transactions fast and free within our 2nd Layer (Sidechain).
Making Ordinals Fast, Easy and Programmable.
Creating Easy-to-Use Products that are intuitive and easily adoptable.