Building on Libre

Libre Chain is the best place to build smart contracts that interact with Bitcoin, Stablecoins, and even Bitcoin Lightning.

Libre is the first user-focused tool for making stablecoin (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC) incredibly simple to integrate into existing games, apps, or wallets - or even build smart contracts to interact with BTC and USDT.

Integration for Payments

Libre is the simplest way to integrate payments to send and receive Tether and Bitcoin. With one single QR code - anyone in the world can accept a payment of USDT or BTC on Libre chain instantly, with no fees.

Interacting with Accounts

It's very easy to implement wallet integrations with any of the wallets working on Libre Chain for authentication and signing transactions. Please see the accounts and wallet section here for more info.

Developers can use the open-source Libre-Link npm package for authentication and execution of signing requests.

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