Libre Chain validator node information.

The Libre chain is secured by its decentralized network of validators. These validator nodes are independently owned and located all over the world.

Libre validator nodes provide APIs for submitting transactions, chain history for wallets and applications, as well as validation of blocks for which validators are paid.

Validators are paid for each block on the Libre chain that they produce. There is a halvening schedule for block pay which occurs on a superblock. A superblock happens every 15,768,000 seconds.

Initially, validators were paid 4 LIBRE per block and there will be 2 halvenings, one at 6 months and one at 12 months. The block rewards have a terminal rate of 1 LIBRE per block.

You can learn about the existing nodes by visiting these websites:

All validators must review the Libre Governance Docs - which outline the minimum requirements and responsibilities.

If you want to become a validator, start here.

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