Information and estimates of the LIBRE coin supply.

History and Distribution

Libre mainnet was launched on July 4, 2022. Initially, there were 10 validators which have grown to 21+ by Oct 2022. Validators each earn 4 LIBRE per block that they produce. A block is mined every 0.5 seconds. Validators rotate through production every 12 seconds. There is a halvening every 6 months for the block rewards (total of 2 halvenings). Approximately 113M LIBRE will be owned by validators by Dec 15, 2022 and 90% of it will be staked for an average of 264 days. The supply of LIBRE is always 100% transparent and visible on-chain.
10M LIBRE was allocated to an airdrop that began July 13, 2022 - as of Oct 27, 2022 only ~120,000 LIBRE have been claimed. The airdrop will conclude on Dec 15, 2022 and the remaining tokens will be allocated to the DAO treasury controlled by all token holders.
On December 15, 2022 the Mint Rush will begin accepting contributions. There is 200M LIBRE available to mint. At the end of the Mint Rush, a matching amount of 200M LIBRE will be placed into the AMM liquidity pool (swap.libre) together with all of the BTC contributed to the Mint Rush.
The Mint Rush staking yields are as much as 3x higher than existing staking yields for validators. Participants on Day 0 of Mint Rush can earn up to 400% APY vs current yields of 130%. This will result in much higher tokens at the end of the staking periods for the Mint Rush participants as a category. If these are re-staked, the Mint Rush participants will be in majority voting control of the chain.